• The Case for Anioma State

    by - Sep 4, 2010
    In Nigeria today there are 36 States. 19 of them are in the North while 17 are in the South. In a country that has in its Constitution provisions for quota system and a political system...
  • The Presure for creation of Anioma State is still on

    by - Aug 22, 2010
    The Anioma National Council, ANC, has appealed to President Goodluck Jonathan to actualise the dreams of the Anioma people of Delta State by creating an Anioma State for them. ...Read More
  • Anioma: A Renewed Demand for State Creation

    by - May 10, 2001
    The gathering had the trappings of the traditional and the political. There were the beaded traditional rulers. The politicians whose immaculate Senegalese dresses swept the floors behind them were not left out either. The youths, students,...