The Presure for creation of Anioma State is still on

The Anioma National Council, ANC, has appealed to President Goodluck Jonathan to actualise the dreams of the Anioma people of Delta State by creating an Anioma State for them.

The group made the call in a statement jointly signed by its Deputy Leader, Chief Joe Obuseh, and Secretary General, Chief Terry Otuya.

According to ANC: “We note that the struggle for the creation of Anioma State dates back to 1991 during which time Delta State, rather than Anioma State was created out of the old Bendel State .

“In the run up to the 2011 elections agitators for the creation of new states are up-beat and optimistic that additional states will be created during the current legislative session. We hope Anioma will be considered.”

It noted that “to compensate the Anioma people, Asaba was chosen as the capital of the newly created state.

“We are not satisfied with Asaba being state capital as there is much more to gain from having our own state.

“The agitation for Anioma State has continued and will be sustained until we succeed. Anioma has what it takes to be a state being blessed with both natural and human resources and vast land mass inhabited by contiguous people,” it further stated

The ANC added that the orgainsation in conjunction with its traditional rulers and the good people of Anioma hopes that President Jonathan will actualize their dreams.

“We dream of an ANIOMA State which shall become our homeland state for our people from generation to generation. A state that will offer us the opportunity to realise our economic, social, cultural and political potentials,” it added.

4 Comments on “The Presure for creation of Anioma State is still on”

  1. Can someone name natural resources in Anioma. Okay, if Anioma is created, a new Capital should be created inland and let Asaba become the commercial center. The new State Capital must be moved to the center of the State. Is there anyone out there opposed to this notion? Any Onitsha indigene can claim to come from Asaba.

  2. Dann, Your comment above shows that you know nothing about the Anioma region. Please read “proposed Anioma State: Richer than thirty-two states in Nigeria including Abuja” for you to have a sense of the natural and mineral resources in Aniomaland. The said piece is online. As for Asaba as the capital of the proposed Delta State. There is nothing wrong with it. If it could serve Delta State why can’t it serve the proposed Anioma State? Are the capitals of the following states considered central-Lagos, Ogun, Anambra, Oyo etc? Let any Onitsha indigene claim to come from Asaba, it does not matter, what matters is that even Onitsha people are Anioma descent historically.

    1. I sincerely support this your points i dont know why people who are back ward keeping highligthing such issues moving anioma capital to innerland would not remove any thing from where it was before rather let it remain there and improve as a state capital even at that Asaba has not really assume the colors of a stste capital because of maginalization of infrastruCture ment for The state capital, apart from the airport which is a welcome develoment all other structures are pull out,as this has to be share among the 3 senatorial district of the state other wise the new inner capital will experiece new infrastructural sharing formular of social and economic developmet of the new anioma state take edo state for example even if isan state is cteated benin will remain the capital of bebin state if ever

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